Class Times

17:00 - 17:45
White & Yellow
Orange - Blue 1
White & Yellow
Orange - Blue 1
18:00 - 18:45
Brown & Black
Blue 2 - Jnr. Brown
Brown & Black
Blue 2 - Jnr. Brown
19:00 - 19:45
Adult Novice
Adult Novice

The black belt is a symbol of strength, compassion and true dedication to Karate-Do. True martial artists look upon the SHO-DAN (First level) black belt as a beginning, not an end; it heralds the student’s birth as a karate-ka. Karate demands constant effort and self-discipline. Karate teaches a multitude of life lessons one of the main ones being – what you put in is what you get out.

Sensei Wendy with SAJKA National Championships winners

Horizon Karate Centre Offers

  • A safe and secure way in which students can learn and train in the martial art known as karate.
  • Professional instruction by qualified and reliable practising karateka (students of the art.)
  • Internationally recognised dan (black belt) grades registered with Dept of Education in Japan.
  • The chance for all karateka to earn Provincial and National colours as well SA JKA National and
  • Provincial colours due to our various affiliations
  • An exciting form of exercise as well as self defence which in today’s day and age is essential.
  • A great way to increase self-confidence and awareness.
  • A chance to interact with karate students and instructors from all over South Africa at the SA JKA National Championships and other championships; to compete internationally.

Karate Improves

  • Co-ordination
  • Concentration
  • Gross motor-skills
  • Memory sequence
  • Pliometrics
  • Discipline Strength and conditioning
  • Aerobic fitness
  • Self confidence
  • Self defence
  • Increase self-confidence and awareness
SAJKA National Championships 2019 Winners

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SAJKA Gauteng Provincial Championships Winners

A black belt is only the beginning, not an end.

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